Home Inspections are supposed to help the Home Buyer.


Unfortunately, those of us who hire Home Inspectors, are often not receiving responsible, accountable, and standardized value for what is one of the largest, and most important purchases of our lives ... our home.

Together - we can fix Home Inspection!



We are consumer advocates lobbying for major changes in the Home Inspection and Real Estate Industries.  Find out about our organization, mission, and the urgent need for your input. Check our News Page for the latest information on our progress

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Please review the website, click on sign up at any time and add your name to our list of supporters. We are doing the work but urgently need more names of supporters in order for the Government to take consumers seriously.   Click on Sign up, add your name and e-mail.  Also share your comments or go to the next level an leave your story if your really want to help!

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