Urgent !

Moving forward with implementing Bill 59  (Home Inspectors Act 2017), the Ontario Government has produced a Consultation Paper requesting input by February 16th.  As Consumer advocates, we view this mainly as “window dressing”. All action to date – by the Government – shows little concern for consumers and focuses on protecting Home Inspectors and helping Realtors, Insurance Companies and themselves – the Government – make more money at the expense of home buyers, sellers and the economy in general.

Based on action to date and Question #51 of the Consultation Paper, our biggest fear is that the Ontario Government is going to officially hand the administration of the Home Inspection industry over to the Realtors!!  (i.e. Officially put the fox in charge of the chicken barn …….)

The objective of the Buy or Run Lobby is to expose this all as election issues and force the Ontario Government to reform the Real Estate industry.  Consumers for Responsible Home Inspections is the only voice speaking up on behalf of consumers and the general public at large.

How can you help !

  1. Add your name to our list of supporters and share your stories and opinions.
  2. Forward our video to family, friends, associates, politicians and the media. Post it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  3. Your financial support will go directly towards our spreading the word.
  4. Read and respond to the Consultation Paper.  If you need background information to help answer any questions,  please contact us at info@fixhi.org
  5. Volunteer to get involved as we proceed to establish State and Provincial Chapters.