CFRHI Report and Proposal sent to all Ontario MPPs

On October 26, 2015 we prepared and submitted an Information Report and Proposal to all Members of the Ontario Legislature.  This is our second such brief to this group. We also included a specific letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

Here is an excerpt:

It’s the CFRHI position that the following two quotes from the MCS report exemplify how the Ministry is off track.

”There should be no mandatory education requirement to become a homeinspector”

“Consumers often rely on and trust their real estate agents and should have the right to allow their agents to recommend and even to arrange home inspections”.

Based on the above statements, a closer look at the members of the MCS’s “Professional Committee” brings serious question to the overall validity of the exercise. Although it is fully respected that a committee should represent a cross section of the so‐called Stake Holders, the presence of real front line Professional Home Inspectors was very limited. A number of the so called Home Inspector Representatives were in fact management for Franchises and members of a low end Associations, all of which cater directly to the needs of the Real Estate Community. Further it’s the stance of CFRHI that engaged consumers should be the dominating force on such a committee. We are not aware of consumers ever being ask the basic question, “What do you expect from a Home Inspection?”
— CFRHI Submission to Ontario MPPs October 2015