Ontario Government Consultation Announcement! Implementing the Home Inspection Act, 2017

In the ongoing process to license Ontario’s Home Inspectors, the Government has released their Consultation Paper on “Implementing the Home Inspection Act.” Cut-off for public input is required by Feb. 16, 2018.

It’s important for the Public to understand this should be an Election Issue as the government has also committed, in a similar time frame, to be reviewing the Real Estate Business Brokers Act.  REBBA are the rules that govern the Province’s Realtors.

We agree that the Consultation Papers is a logical step in the process and will be posting our views once we have had time to review the document.  However our biggest fear to date and re-enforced by Question #51 of the Consultation Paper is that the Ontario Government may be considering to officially put the Real Estate Council of Ontario, i.e  Realtors, in charge of the Home Inspection Industry.

We have already posted our submission (see below) in a July 22, 2017 response to Ministry regarding Real Estate Business Brokers Act, which will explain, although not labeled as such, our fears regarding Question #51.