February and March 2017 Updates

2017 has started with a major flurry of activity.  As we earlier reported in 2016 the Ontario Gov’t Passed Bill-165 to licence Ontario’s Home Inspectors.  Since then it has transformed into Bill-59 “Putting Consumers First” which passed second reading in the fall of 2016.  (Note Bill-59 Sec. # 1 deals with the Home Inspectors Act 2016, while Section # 2 deals with Pay Day Loans)

It must be understood that this bill has nothing to do with actual Home Inspections and in itself does not Licence Home Inspectors.  Bottom-line, Bill-59 gives the Minister of Government and Consumers Services the singular right to form a DAA (Designated Administrative Authority) who in turn will establish the rules for and govern Home Inspectors & Home Inspections.  We are concerned as the ministry that has gone on record stating that Home Inspectors need no pre-requisite education and that Realtors should have rights to influence Home Inspectors.  This is also the Ministry that, following the DAA model, is in charge of such bodies as TERIAN (New Home Warranty)  & RECO (Ontario’s Realtors).  Based on the history of these two bodies we have grave we concerns.  Is this going to be about Consumer Protection or is it going to be more about Protecting Home Inspectors and Realtors? 

After the 2nd reading, Bill-59 went to Committee (a formality) for a more in depth review and the opportunity for public input.  We did attend all three days of the Public Hearings at Queens Park Feb.  21st, 27th & 28th and we did Presented (Witnessed) on Feb. 27th sharing our many concerns regarding Consumer Protection. In addition to our verbal presentation we presented a series of written briefs.  Again we attended on March 6th when the Liberal dominated Committee reconvened and signed off on the Bill-59 Sec #1 in less than 15 minutes, showing no concern for the hours of Public Input.  

Expecting the Bill to be back in the house any time after March 7th  for 3rd Reading we sent a last minute plea to all of Ontario’s MPP’s (in addition to a copy of Buy or Run) asking for an amendment at 3rd Reading in order to instill Consumer Rights into the Bill. 

February & March Activities;