Our Mission is to see that the needs of consumers are responsibly met and given priority over those who receive financial compensation from the real estate transaction


Home inspections should be standardized to meet the needs of consumers and not be controlled by the vested interest of those receiving financial benefit from the real estate transaction.


Home Inspectors should be subject to a standard level of formal education, practical training and industry experience. Engineers require university education. Electricians and plumbers require formal education plus thousands of hours of apprenticeship. Why do most governments except little to no training or practical experience to license a Home Inspector. 

(In 2013 the Ontario Government released a document stating that "Home Inspectors require no prerequisite education")

Conflict of interest

We believe that the Pre-Purchase Home Inspection should be the consumer's opportunity for independent advice Free from influence or interference by any other parties that may gain from the purchase, sale or rental transaction.

( The same government report quoted above suggest that Realtors should have the right to select Home Inspectors and arrange home inspections.

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The videos below are a detailed description of responsible changes needed, outlined by CFRHI Founder, Bruce McClure.